10 ways to liven up your email campaigns

10 ways to liven up your email campaigns

Despite research showing that email marketing can be effective, many organisations fail to reap the benefits. Yet injecting a fresh spin on campaigns can bring renewed vigour and improved results. To find out more, we did an audit of online articles covering best practice email marketing, with the results collated below.

1. Emails should be a value exchange

A call to action is no longer enough to achieve results from email marketing campaigns. Marketers need to incorporate a value exchange into every email they send, so that the recipient's unspoken question 'what's in it for me?' gets clearly answered by the marketer. This value exchange could be something such as an exclusive offer or event invitation.

2. Engaging content is vital

With more of us using mobile devices to view content, your email faces stiff competition from everything else viewable on that device. Limited attention spans require every email communication to be engaging, precise and relevant.

3. Build email lists using social media

Obtaining email addresses can be difficult, but using social media to build email lists is a current trend that cannot be ignored. You could gain addresses by providing a free offer or information exchange, or adding a login. Always include an opt-in email, so that you're targeting those who want to receive your communications.

4. Improve management of email data

Marketers are often unaware how effective their email campaigns are, why people might unsubscribe, or if they're getting email frequency right. Familiarising yourself with this data can improve email marketing success.

5. Effectiveness of A/B testing

Using A/B testing can have a positive effect on email marketing campaigns. In particular, testing the subject line should become standard practice. Content amount, frequency and call to actions are also elements that can be tested.

6. Using responsive design and video

Text-based emails fail to embrace new technology, which can liven up campaigns. In fact, those companies that use video or graphics in email marketing often achieve better results. Responsive design and testing are key aspects when using video in campaigns.

7. Careful use of preference centres

Preference centres can help retain uncommitted subscribers, but the design of the preference page is key to its effectiveness. Too many preference options or adding login requirements can increase unsubscribe numbers.

8. Importance of email training

Everyone who sends out an email campaign should be trained in email marketing. Aspects such as email design, content writing, audience management and awareness of spam laws are key training considerations.

9. Enterprise-grade email systems

High-quality enterprise-grade email systems can smarten up your email marketing campaigns. Staff should be fully trained on these systems, however, to make the most of their attributes.

10. Integrating services with emails

While some experts believe email is dying, others reckon it still plays a vital role in marketing but should be integrated with more current services, such as online chat, to keep campaigns fresh.

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