The 4 signs that you need a website redesign

The 4 signs that you need a website redesign

A good website should represent the positive qualities of your brand at all times. Although redesigning your website demands an input of time, money and effort it is usually a sound investment – providing there is a clear reason for the upgrade.

If you're unsure whether a redesign is necessary to your success or just a luxury that can wait a while, look out for the following four signs:

Sign 1: Your still website doesn't work on mobile!

A contemporary website has to feature responsive design. This simply means that the layout of the webpage adapts itself to different screen sizes and layouts.

A non-responsive webpage which has been designed to be viewed on a laptop or desktop PC, will either not render at all on a mobile screen or the on-screen elements will be difficult or impossible to see or interact with.

A 2017 UK survey carried out by Deloitte revealed that smartphone ownership has jumped up from 52 per cent to 85 per cent in just five years and the majority of over 55s now own one too.

A good website should represent the positive qualities of your brand at all times.

Back in Spring 2015, Google announced the demotion of mobile-unfriendly search results carried out on mobile devices. A year later, an additional boost for mobile-friendly webpages was announced. Unresponsive websites are almost certainly losing a significant amount of traffic because of this. If yours is one of them, you need a redesign.

Sign 2: Your digital brand is past its shelf life

According to Sticky Branding, a brand has a shelf life of between three and seven years with consumer electronics and fashion brands becoming dated more quickly than others.

Just as we can often tell which decade a music group is from just by listening to part of a song, a quick glance at a website can indicate when it was built. For example, a website which is not mobile responsive is likely to have been built five years ago or more.

Other signs of a dated website include small font sizes, a constrained layout which does not will the screen width, cluttered layouts and a lack of social media integration.

If your website is out of date then your visitors will perceive your entire brand as being past its shelf life. A website redesign gives you the opportunity to re-evaluate your brand values, refreshing or updating them as necessary.

Sign 3: Your ROI has dropped

So far we have looked at subjective measures that might suggest you need a website redesign. However, if you have Google Analytics installed you should be able to draw on hard data to inform your decision.

Are your unique visits dropping? Is your bounce rate increasing? Are you converting less visitors into customers? These are all strong signs that your website needs a redesign.

Redesigning a website is about much more than how it looks. A website should have been built with specific measurable goals in mind. If yours hasn't then part of your website design should focus on what you want your new site to achieve and on integrating the tools which allow you to measure success.

Although Google Analytics is a popular, free tool for this purpose, there are others on the market (e.g. Piwik, Clicky, Kissmetrics, Open Web Analytics, etc.). You might also want to explore using heat map tools which will enable you to monitor exactly where visitors are clicking on your website and how far they are scrolling down your pages.

Sign 4: Your screen load time is awful

Finally, ignore screen load time at your peril! The window of time that determines whether 40 per cent of your traffic will see your webpage or click somewhere else is shorter than you might think – just three seconds.

It has been shown that only 60 per cent of people are willing to wait that long for a webpage to load. In a competitive marketplace, every second literally does count! Next time you access your website, count the time it takes to load.

If you're outside that three second period, weigh the financial bonus of holding on to those lost visits against the cost of a website design.

If any of the signs above are signalling the need to change, speak to our friendly team at Eyes Down about how we can help freshen things up, bring visitors back and improve your ROI.

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