5 web trends that are shaking up 2019

5 web trends that are shaking up 2019

Now that we're a good distance into 2019 it seems the ideal time to take a look back over the year and pick out some of the developing web trends that have been influencing websites and digital marketing.

If you're a small business or charity website owner looking to make an impact over the next few months, we recommend you take some inspiration from the five web campaigns below – and the trends they are tapping into.

Sensory overload

Marketers have always attempted to create a sensual impact but with Google's now blatant preference for all things visual, the more eye popcorn you can include in your campaigns the better.

Apple have already mastered the art of storytelling but they also pushed the boat out visually with their iPhone X Unlocked campaign. Featuring everything from exploding colours and burning science labs to bouncing balls and jumping frogs, this advert takes engagement to the next level.


If you can also stimulate the other senses, even better. Embedded audio is now making its way back into fashion while sites like WebGL and Three.js enable business owners to easily add animations without slowing page load time.

Some websites feature interactive elements, including gamification, to further boost engagement.

Courting controversy

Starting with the Lush anti-spy police campaign last summer, there are signs that marketers are becoming comfortable with challenging authority and fighting for the causes they feel strongly about.

Another company looking to make waves is Iceland. They used a Greenpeace film to announce the removal of palm oil from their products while highlighting the plight of orang-utans affected by deforestation. The regulator wouldn't allow the firm to air their ad on TV over Christmas so they took to social media instead.

The official ad is closing in on 6 million views now so we can safely say it's had the desired impact.


This will to rebel has been reflected in graphic design with the re-emergence of the chaotic Memphis style and other asymmetrical techniques.

Daring to be different

From reinventing our relationship with cannabis to using revolutionary artwork to help politicians to connect with the public, web designers are using their skills in powerful and sometimes provocative new ways this year.

Fashion brand Helmut Lang are among those firms daring to challenge stereotypes in the media by using elderly women as models and in their advertising.


Female empowerment

From the #MeToo movement to the gender pay gap debate, women are definitely on the march. Businesses of all sizes are now using the opportunity to create and market products and services to meet women's needs.

Bumble, a dating app provider, was one of several brands to break into the normally male-dominated Super Bowl advertising break with a powerful pro-women message from tennis icon Serena Williams.


Bringing the human back

While every other article seems to be waxing lyrical about the latest chatbot or AI technology, there has been a counter-movement to put humanity back at the centre of marketing campaigns.

According to a Braze and Forrester study, 57% of people would be more loyal to a brand which seemed authentic while 58% said they would spend more money with such a brand.

How can businesses achieve that? By featuring ordinary team members and customers rather than stock images; by valuing their customers' time and by using a genuine tone of voice.

American clothing and shoe retailer Zappos are renowned for their OTT customer care and have combined corporate social responsibility with behind the scenes 'meet the designer' footage in this very human ad:


This last example definitely proves that even the smallest business or charity can create a web campaign that is bang on trend. By turning the attention to your team members, your customers and your values, you can engage with your audience and enjoy business success.

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