Charity web design e-book for the charity/non-profit sector

Charity web design e-book for the charity/non-profit sector

Eyes Down Digital is delighted to announce the launch of our second e-book, designed exclusively for small and medium-sized charity and non-profit organisations.

Having worked with many of these charities over the years, we saw an opportunity to compile a simple and valuable information resource for organisations planning a new website.

Developing a website for this sector poses some unique challenges which we explore in the book. To ensure we had covered all of the most pressing issues, we sought input from hundreds of charity professionals including Elisicia Moore, founder and director of Petit Miracles, who had this to say about the new publication:

“It is very informative and I learned a lot. The book has given me some tips for when we plan our next website.”

How will the new e-book help me with my charity web design?

By drawing all aspects of the development process together in one place, this e-book will save time-pressed charity and non-profit marketing teams many hours of research. There is even a concise version which summarises all the key points covered in the full book.

The free e-book is available for instant download and will cover areas such as:

  • Setting measurable goals
  • Writing an effective website brief
  • Working with an agency – what to look out for
  • Choosing a suitable website platform
  • Running a successful stakeholder planning workshop
  • Understanding project and team roles
  • Privacy and the GDPR

We have also included case studies featuring charity web design projects we have worked on, some of which have won industry awards.

Is it time to upgrade your website?

A lot of progress has been made over the last few years in terms of website technology, design and integration. One prime example is the switch from desktop to mobile-first website design to reflect consumer behaviour and improve mobile UX.

If your website is not delivering, it could be time to look at an upgrade.

We recommend you consider upgrading your website in the following cases:

  • Your website doesn't display or renders poorly on mobile devices.
  • Your website displays the 'Not Secure' text in the Google Chrome browser address bar.
  • You are using multiple different systems (booking, CRM, e-commerce, etc.) which do not speak to your website.
  • Your website loads slowly or looks 'dated,' especially when you compare it with other websites.
  • Your conversion rates are low.

Download your free e-book today using the link below.

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