Choosing the right web agency to work with

Choosing the right web agency to work with

Teaming up with a suitable website partner is critical when planning your website. Here are some questions you can ask to make sure you end up with the right team for the job?

What is their reputation?

If you know other organisations who have used developers on your shortlist, ask them about their experience. You could ask them some of the questions below to get a third party perspective on their strengths and weaknesses.

Read the testimonials on the developer’s website and social media profiles. Do they seem genuine? Detailed quotes about specific aspects of service are better than generic one liners.

Look through their portfolio. Does it show a lot of variety (suggestive of adaptability) or do all the sites look the same? Have they worked on any other sites in your industry?

How flexible is their process?

A website rarely travels from A to B in one predictable, orderly way. As your project progresses you might decide you want to add new features or adjust how something looks or works.

Modern web development processes are built to handle such course corrections by combining flexible development frameworks and regular, open communication. Ask each prospective partner about their process for handling changes and watch closely for signs of discomfort. Be sure to ask how mid-project changes are priced up.

Are they good problem solvers?

A web developer who can efficiently translate business problems into technological ones will speed up productivity. Problem solving ability can be hard to assess but you might get some idea by looking through case studies or by presenting some hypothetical scenarios for them to think over.

Find out what the agency's process for requirement gathering is. Will they dedicate enough time to consult with the key stakeholders of your new website?

Do they have a clear communication strategy?

Effective communication is at the heart of all successful web projects. You will get an idea about their verbal communication skills through meeting with them but written communication is equally important. A good website partner will document every key decision and provide well-structured written summaries.

What is their communication frequency? Experienced web developers will often have a clear policy with set days for review meetings and providing status updates. This will help you to keep on top of progress and ensure everything is running on time and within the agreed budget.

What does their website say about them?

Make sure you take a good look at a prospective web partner’s own website. Is it easy to use? Does it look modern and inspiring? Is the grammar and spelling in order? The agency's own website is likely to be very representative of their preferred design style. Any shortcomings could be replicated in your project.

What does your intuition say?

Even if a potential partner provides the right answers to all the questions above, you might still feel uneasy about working with them. Perhaps they seem a little defensive in their responses or you get the feeling they are not being entirely honest. The attitude of the person you'll be working with is super important. You need a "can-do" attitude backed up with realism facts.

There is a lot to be said for trusting your gut instinct so don’t be afraid to walk away even if everything else checks out. Your ideal website partner will be out there somewhere looking for you.

Why choose Eyes Down?

Eyes Down have many projects’ worth of experience in developing functional and striking websites and web applications for private companies as well as charities and non-profits. This has deepened our understanding into what makes a great website.

Our particular focuses are:

Clear guidance and communication

We are committed to providing clear information and guidance at all times. At every stage along the process you will know exactly what is happening with your project. When you need to make a decision, we will fully explain the options and the implications of each.


The technical solutions we implement are always well-planned with the future in mind. By introducing plenty of flexibility, your website can adapt with changes rather than becoming obsolete.

Rather than lock you into proprietary technology, we use open-source tools meaning that someone else can pick up the project in the future if necessary.

Strong partnerships

The most successful website projects are long-term partnerships. We are not looking for short-term projects which end with the creation of a website. By using and expanding on our understanding of your business, we can ensure your website and digital marketing continues to deliver results over the long-term.

People choose to work with Eyes Down for many reasons, including:

  • We’re small enough to care - We offer our clients the personal touch that larger agencies just can’t compete with. Without the overheads of a large firm, we can also keep our prices affordable.
  • We’re large enough to cope - Since your project is not reliant on one key person, there will always be sufficient team members to keep work on schedule.
  • We take on all the risks - Our Service Level Agreement sets out what you can expect from us and what happens if we don’t deliver on our promises.

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