7 interesting stats from the digital marketing world this week

7 interesting stats from the digital marketing world this week

We all have a bit of geek inside us and so we thought we'd look at some recent statistics from the digital marketing world. We'll touch on SEO, ecommerce payments, targeted email marketing and exactly 4.0 other topics.

1. More than 50% of users want more sophistication from their banks

A recent report from the Digital Marketing Association shows that users are disappointed with online banking tools.

Although 76% of customers use online banking and 22% use mobile bank apps - 45% still prefer to visit their bank branch in person to talk about their banking issues. Users also crave more sophistication from their online services.

DMA Stats

2. More than 50% of UK retailers are not personalising cross-channel content

Even thought 93% of retailers acknowledged that their customers want more personalised content (in recent research from Monetate), only 59% are providing personalisation on more than one electronic marketing channel.

81% do personalise content over more than one channel, but half of those companies cannot synchronise the personalised data to provide consistency across those channels.

The retailers' main reasons for failing to achieve cross-channel consistency were (1) not enough HR capacity and (2) inflexible ecommerce software.

3. Videos are included in over 25% of search results

A new report by Searchmetrics states that despite Google's first page of results only showing approx. 8.5 organic links, there are other opportunities for marketers to target search.

This is primarily because almost all searches result in at least one type of non-textual content (e.g. App download suggestions, Twitter card content, images and videos).

One these, videos present a significant opportunity as they feature in around one quarter of SERPS.

Drilling down further, YouTube appears to be the top video channel to focus efforts on as 90% of videos are sourced from Google's own video platform.

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4. Online consumers respond better to ads in the morning

A recent report by YuMe suggests consumers respond better to online advertisements in the morning, contrary to the long-standing perception that evening is a more effective time to target online consumers.

10,000 consumers who were surveyed and asked to gauge their acceptance to receive an advertising message from a brand on a scale of 1-100.

The survey showed an average of 59 in the morning and 45 in the evening, thus suggesting early morning adverts would be more effective.

Intent to purchase is clearly of high importance and the survey also found that purchase intent is also higher in the morning with 3am to midday showing +11% on the afternoon/evening period.

5. Adobe's email survey says email campaigns not engaging consumers

Adobe’s email marketing report details how Europeans spend more than 30% of their waking day using email, but are opening 10% fewer emails from brands.

An analysis of 3,000 European professionals also found that emoji use, message overload and poor mobile optimisation were the key reasons to turn consumers off email communications.

Adobe email report

Since smartphones have surpassed PCs as the favoured device to check emails, 22% of users say they loose interest if the email is not mobile-ready.

6. Apple is the most valuable brand in the world

"Tell me something I didn't know" you may say, but the Best Global Brands report by Interbrand has revealed that Apple is worth an estimated $178.1bn, making it the most valuable brand in the world.

Best brands report

A quick survey among our team showed that on average we have spent around £10,000 each on Apple products in our lifetimes. Perhaps then the above should come as no surprise.

7. The Apprentice generates 123 tweets per minute

With The Apprentice back on our screens and in full flow, analysis from Spredfast showed that viewers were quick to react on social media.

Twitter Apprentice

The first episode resulted in a peak of 123 tweets a minute, totalling over 74,000 mentions of the show between 9pm-12.20am. Many users took to Twitter to vent their frustration, with sentiment around the show being 18% negative and 13% positive. However, it appears that many were nonplussed with the familiar format, with the show seeing 69% neutral sentiment.

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