9 digital tips to help your charity during the coronavirus pandemic

9 digital tips to help your charity during the coronavirus pandemic

With the news just in that the UK lockdown is due to be extended again, this remains a challenging time for charities. Digital channels such as email, social media and the Internet itself are more crucial than ever for staying in touch with your supporter base.

Here are some positive actions you can take to keep things ticking over and even increase interest in your charity.

Audit and update your website

If business is slower than usual, now is the ideal time to go through your digital assets and make changes you might never get a better chance to make. Some of the activities you could tick off include:

  • Rewriting your 'About Us' page
  • Increasing the speed of your website (great for SEO)
  • Setting up AMP pages on your website
  • Investigating Facebook Instant Articles for your website.
  • Ensuring your social media profiles are up to date
  • Cleaning your email list
  • Checking website links work
  • Ensuring your website is secure
  • Auditing your data. Where does it come in? Where is it stored? Are you compliant with GDPR and other standards?

Be flexible with your regular donors

No one on the planet has been left unaffected by the pandemic but some people are more deeply affected than others. Your regular donors may have lost business or have suffered illness or even bereavement in their families. If you can be flexible with your donors (e.g. pausing, reducing or delaying payments etc.) now is the time you can show your human face and 'be there' for your valuable regular givers.

Get familiar with using online communication tools

From Skype and Zoom to Slack and FaceTime, the number of video chat and remote conferencing tools on the market just keep on growing. Now is a good time to discuss with your team which communication methods you prefer and become a pro in their use.

Keep your social media wheels spinning

One of the keys to success with social media marketing is consistency. Even if you have slowed down with your business activity, you should still remain just as active on your chosen social media platforms. Consider learning how to use Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout or a similar management platform to automatically schedule posts.

Check in regularly with the team

If you are used to being part of an office-based team, changing to remote working can affect productivity. While some employees will find it easy to self-motivate, others may struggle. To maintain a sense of structure, it can help to set up regular 'check in' times where employees come together on a team call to update the team on their progress and simply to say hi.

Keeping in regular contact will help to preserve your team culture. How about a weekly Zoom pub quiz?

Keep supporters in the loop

When the business world seems to be shutting down, supporters might assume that charities are closed for business when they are, in fact, still very much open.

Make sure that you let your supporters know how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting your fundraising and service delivery.

Trial project management tools

If you have never embraced digital project management tools, now could be the ideal time to trial them with your team. Tools such as Asana, Monday, Teamwork and Zoho help to promote collaboration and streamline workflows. Many are available on a Freemium model or at least offer free trials.

Get an update from suppliers

You may be one of the fortunate organisations that can continue to operate largely as you did before the Covid 19 outbreak. You might even be experiencing a boom in donations. However, it is important to check in with your suppliers to see whether they are making any changes which might impact you. Include both physical supplies and services such as IT support and website hosting.

Protect and manage your remote devices

Adapting your business for remote working is not just a case of making sure everyone has the tools they need to do their jobs. Employees accessing your organisational assets remotely are more vulnerable to being hacked, particularly if they are using public Wi-Fi or a personal device infected with malware.

Consider setting up a VPN and installing device-level or cloud-based security software. Make sure staff know to only access work assets via a secure internet connection.

On that note, if you have any further queries about how you can make the most of your website and digital marketing during these tough times, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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