Eyes Down Partnership Packages: why we're better together

Eyes Down Partnership Packages: why we're better together

Eyes Down is now offering Partnership Packages to help support our clients as they continue to develop and grow digitally.

Technically known as a 'retained contract,' our Partnership Package provides additional benefits to our standard ad-hoc support arrangements.

Here are five key benefits to signing up to a Partnership Package:

Save money on technical support

Many agencies bill their customers in hourly increments. This can be a less efficient way to access support where minor interventions are needed on a regular basis. Eyes Down Partners can access budget-friendly billing units of 15 or 30 minutes of agency time. This means we can provide you with much more support within your fixed monthly fee.

Access support more quickly

We understand that you rely on your digital services to run and promote your organisation. We always treat any support calls as important but during our busiest times, we will prioritise the support needs of Eyes Down Partners ahead of those of non-retained clients. Partners also have the benefit of a maximum response time which is set in our service level agreement (SLA).

Enjoy a guaranteed level of service

We are confident we can provide you with an excellent and timely level of support but we recognise that our customers may need more than that. That's why we back our promises with a clear SLA, setting out exactly what you can expect from us.

Our SLA is written in plain language and contains unambiguous targets.

Our standard SLA is provided over 12 months but shorter periods are available during trial periods.

Develop a deeper connection

A Partnership Package enables us to build on the business understanding we have developed during our previous work with you (e.g. a website project).

This helps us to better anticipate and meet your support needs. We will also have a deep knowledge of any systems we have built for you, cutting the time it takes to provide technical support.

Receive data insights from Eyes Down specialists

We can combine raw data from services such as Google Analytics, an understanding of your business priorities and analysis from our data specialists to provide personalised insights into your digital performance. This will help you to identify new digital opportunities, prepare for business meetings and to make better use of our regular scheduled conference calls.

If you are interested in accessing the above benefits for your business, contact Eyes Down for more details or to arrange a trial.

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