Rebrands and the Eyes Down process

The last year saw a fair few branding projects coming through the Eyes Down studio. We thought it would be interesting to share three examples of the creative development work which went into each project so that you can see how we approach brand creation.

1. Robert Bebington & Partners

For Robert Bebington & Partners, chartered surveyors in Central London, we had fun playing with various building concepts in the first phase of designing. In fact we offered Bebington a massive thirteen designs to choose from:

The client finally settled on a clever letter-mark incorporating the R and B in a slick modern shape.

Robert Bebington Stationary

2. Greenfields Children's Centres

As big kids, designers and lovers of colour, we loved the task or rebranding Greenfields Children's Centres. The brief was to be playful, colourful yet contemporary. We developed eight initial concepts in the first design phase:

We then further developed a shortlist of 5. The chosen design then went through a final typographic phase.

We call the new logo the "Little Memory Tree".

Greenfields Final Logo

3. Compare Your Footprint

Green Element, an environmental consultancy briefed us to develop a logo for their new carbon benchmarking web app. Our initial design phase played with environmental measurement themes and produced a shortlist of three concepts:

The chosen design was selected because it was "all about new ideas". It also translates well to a variety of formats.

Compare Your Footprint Brand Mockup

Sometimes a complete rebrand is not required

A rebrand doesn't have to mean a completely new visual identity. Sometimes its an be more appropriate to simply refresh an existing brand. This could mean smaller changes to the typographic styles, colours or logo graphics which retain the essence of the logo while modernising it and making it more relevant the the organisation's operating environment.

Whether you're looking to rebrand, refresh your brand or to create a new brand from scratch, we'd love to chat to you and help you create an initial brief.

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