Eyes Down Digital gets a makeover

Spring 2016 saw the launch of a rebrand for Eyes Down Digital. With our old logo dating back to 2001 we thought it time to modernise and present the company in a new light.

Our designers revelled in the opportunity to practice what we preach and produced more than 20 design concepts from which we selected and refined our new logo.

Eyes Down Digital Logo

The new Eyes Down “e” badge incorporates in a new colour palette on which we will base all future visual communications. The logo also works well monochromatically - a key requirement in our branding projects.

We chose the beautiful Neris as our brand font as we felt it to be a modern sans-serif font which displays recognisable character without being too playful or over-designed.

If you’d like to see how our brand design process works, check out these other recent branding projects.

Topic: Branding

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