Is your charity organisation making the most of free Facebook Charitable Giving Tools?

Is your charity organisation making the most of free Facebook Charitable Giving Tools?

We've all got used to the value of using social media to promote our good causes and share success stories but did you know that Facebook is making it easier (and more cost effective) than ever to encourage direct donations via donate buttons and supporter-created fundraisers.

Accept fee-free donations with a single click

The call-to-action is a crucial part of any fundraising campaign and Facebook is helping charities and nonprofits to streamline their fundraisers through simple 'Donate' buttons. These follow the standard square blue Facebook button format and carry the text, 'Donate', 'Donate to charity' or similar.

Facebook Donate buttons can be added to posts, pages, ads and even Facebook Live videos. Supporters can then choose whether to make a one-off donation or to set up regular payments.

Empower supporters to create simple Fundraisers

Facebook has also given its users the power to create their own Fundraisers in as little as four clicks. All you have to do is tell them about it.

Once you have set up a nonprofit page on Facebook and had it verified, supporters can either create a Fundraiser direct from your page or by accessing the Fundraising menu and selecting your charity from a dropdown menu.

Either way, all they have to do is select a fundraising target amount, set an end date, write a few lines of persuasive text and then hit the 'Create' button.

Other tools that Facebook have made available include the ability to create a central fundraising page, fundraiser matching, and an API for connecting external campaigns to your Facebook fundraisers.

How to access Charitable Giving Tools

Charities and nonprofits can sign up for Charitable Giving Tools at

If your page is not categorised as a nonprofit, you will be prompted to change its category. You will also need to provide some information for verification purposes such as the director's date of birth, VAT and charity registration numbers, if applicable and bank account details.

The power of birthday fundraising

In 2018, Facebook started prompting people who had upcoming birthdays to fundraise for their favourite charities. This led to $300m being raised in that first year, purely through birthday fundraising and over $1b has been raised through this method to date. Indeed, many charities have found that the majority of their Facebook fundraising income comes from supporters who have set up birthday fundraising.

To ensure your charity is top of mind when the big day arrives, consider setting up an email campaign of your own targeting existing supporters with upcoming birthdays.

Giving Tuesday is another popular time for fundraisers and is on 3rd December this year. Last year's event saw charities benefit from $125m through Facebook donations.

Receiving funds and saying thank you

Facebook have now eliminated any payment processing fees for any verified charity or nonprofit taking payment through its Facebook Payments platform. Payments are made bi-weekly, providing the minimum £100 is collected, and take about two weeks to be processed. Alternatively, you can set up your fundraising to go directly to your website where supporters can follow your standard donation method.

Of course, it is always nice to leave your supporters a thank you note for their efforts. Facebook enable charities to post directly on to Fundraiser pages so you can pass on your appreciation directly. One thing you won't be able to do though is to access any data from individual donors bar the actual donation amount.

With a suite of intuitive fundraising tools, free payment processing and access to the biggest audience in the world, Facebook is definitely worth considering as a way to boost donations to your cause.

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