Google Apps Email - configuring your devices to connect

Google Apps Email - configuring your devices to connect

Google Apps is a set of cloud services provided for businesses. There are two versions of Google Apps, a free version for lower usage businesses and a paid for version for larger businesses. You can see the differences on their pricing page. At Eyes Down we love the convenience, scalability and reliability of Google Apps and consequently we recommend it to many of our clients.

Setting up Google Apps requires changes to your domain DNS records. DNS records control inbound email and web traffic to your domain, so it is important to get the settings right. Slight errors in DNS configuration could mean you lose inbound emails forever or that your website goes down. Because of this, we suggest you leave the setup of Google Apps to us.

Accessing Google Apps webmail

Google Apps email can be accessed using the same webmail interface that is used for Gmail. Its the leader in its class- a great webmail platform. To access your webmail go to So as an example, our webmail runs from

Configuring your PC or phone to receive email

Google Apps email can be setup to run on your phone, PC or tablet. Google Apps supports the IMAP protocol which ensures that you see the same emails and folders on every device. So if you setup a folder called "Jane" on your PC, next time you look at the same email account on your iPhone, the folder and its contents will have synced up and you'll be able to browse the same emails and folders.

In order to send and receive email from your PC or phone, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1 - Setup an IMAP connection for your email account

Login to webmail and navigate to settings:


Figure 1: The settings tab in Google Apps webmail interface

Select the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab and enable IMAP by clicking the radio button:


Figure 2: The IMAP radio button.

Click save changes at the bottom or the page. Your email account is now ready to receive IMAP connections.

Step 2 - Create a new account on your device

Since instructions vary depending on the device you are setting up we recommend you read Google's instructions for setting up your email client.

Note that these instructions cover both Gmail and Google Apps email accounts. Since we are talking about Google Apps email accounts, whenever you are asked to enter the username, you should enter your full email address.

To conclude...

Google provides a great free service and their online support documentation is very good. If you do run into problems setting up your device, we suggest that the first port of call should be Google (see the link above). If you still encounter problems, or simply would rather someone else did it, we do offer a device setup service for a small fee. Please get in touch to learn more.

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