Google allows URL submission directly from search

In the same way Google developed their Translate tool, Google has been steadily integrating its suite of web services directly into search results for easy access. The most recent service to make the cut is a handy URL submission feature.

Originally highlighted by Search Engine Land, the search giant has engendered their Search results to include a quick URL submission form when you search for the term ‘Submit URL to Google.’

Google allows URL submission directly from search

Since there was no announcement from Google, we don't quite know when the company added the feature, but the new functionality appears to works just like the normal submission form – except it is visible in search results now.

Easy submit new URLs to Google

To submit a new URL, simply fill in the blank space with the page you want to index and check the reCAPTCHA field to prove you are human.

Google will then review the page and index the URL if it deems it to be useful content for the WWW.

Topic: Search engine optimisation (SEO)

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