The shape of things to come - logo design trends for 2015

Big brands love a makeover and 2014 saw many household names rebrand. Flat design was the clear winner with classic companies replacing their aged-old look with simpler 2D shapes. Simplicity was all the rage as textures and gradients gave way to minimal sans serif fonts and delicate designs.

We thought that at look back at some rebranding trends and examples from the past 12 months would help to set the scene for the trends we're likely to see in 2015.

Flat design dominates

It's no surprise that flat design was the most significant trend in 2014. Ever since iOS7 was released last year, the 2D minimal look has taken over the digital design world. As a result, many of this year’s rebrands avoided gradients and textures in favour of sharp line work and block colour.

In the case of MSN's rebrand, the simplification couldn't have been more stark. Not only did they loose their transparency, gradients and overlap, but they traded in their (now fairly iconic) bright colours for black.

MSN rebrand

The redrawn shape is an improvement and I like the more elegant Helvetica-esque font, but even when viewed in the context of their website, we feel the black logo is a touch too far.

Lots of other brands also went "flat out" this year. If you have examples, good or bad, we'd love to see them?

Tech trends

In the world of tech start-ups, design can often slip through the net when a product is first launched. Quality design sometimes only comes after the company has succeeded, when there’s more time and funding available. For a few key tech companies, 2014 was the year of their overdue makeovers.

The most obvious to us was AirBnB who finally replaced the bubble script design with which they launched the brand with a new simpler, flatter logo. A great improvement in our books.

AirBnB Rebrand

Paypal also rebranded and simplified by sharpening their palette, font and "P" lettermark.

Paypal Rebrand

In general faded blue hues seem to have fallen off the colour palette (perhaps they are perceived as being too corporate?) in favour of pinks, oranges and more vibrant blues. Scripted fonts seem to have lost out to simple sans serif fonts. Again, flat shapes and outlines seem to be gaining momentum.

Given that it is the tech crowd who aim to break the mould, it will be interesting to see where their brands go in the year ahead.


In the same way that flat design promoted minimalism to a new high, wordmarks also triumphed in the brand-o-sphere.

Netflix’s new wordmark saw a departure from the extruded shapes which they have carried since launch in favour of a drastic flat simplification. As with MSN, they chose black as the logo colour and in this case, I feel the uniqueness of the design has been largely lost.

Netflix Rebrand

Marriot's transformation was less dramatic and the result retains more coherence and familiarity with its predecessor. A great success in our books.

Mariott Rebrand

Eyes Down Branding Projects

2014 saw a handful of new brands from the Eyes Down studio.

We gave West End retail property surveyors Robert Bebington and Company a bold new brand and colour palette and are currently in the process of designing their new website. We feel that the sharp lines and typography of the new brand are very much in keeping with the trends we discussed above.

Bebington Rebrand

In spring we created a brand for Devoning, a camper van rental company. The combination of a wave shaped D and a striking script typeface resulted in a brand which works well for camper van livery in a number of formats and which fits with the classical surf-driven aspirations of the company.

Devoning Rebrand

Eyes Down also created a new brand for building project managers Richardson Greener.

Richardson Greenyer Rebrand

London Early Years foundation had a new brand created in 2014 and we extended the rebranding with a bold new website design which launched to very positive feedback in November.

LEYF Rebrand

Perhaps 2015 is the year for your brand to evolve? We are currently booking projects into the summer and would welcome the chance to work with you and take your brand to the next level.

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