Cultivate your supporters with Mailchimp automation

Cultivate your supporters with Mailchimp automation

Mailchimp Automation can be a key tool to move your supporters through the supporter journey and to increase their value to your charity.

Email marketing platforms are a key part of communicating with donors, volunteers, supporters and other stakeholders. Whether you are just getting started with email marketing, or looking for a new provider, you should certainly consider MailChimp. Its combination of great UX, scalability and fair pricing make it the first choice for many nonprofits and charities.

Mailchimp integrates well with most well-known CMS and CRM platforms and at the time of writing, Mailchimp offers a 15% discount for nonprofits. Regardless of which email marketing platform you use, the principles of automation apply.

What is Mailchimp Automation?

Mailchimp Automation is a system which allows you to send one or more automated emails to subscribers based on certain criteria such as their date of subscription, their interest group or other custom metrics such as donation type or amount.

Mailchimp Automation is a cost-effective way of prompting customers or supporters to take further action because it happens without the need for human intervention.

Mailchimp automation for charities and nonprofits

Although Mailchimp Automation was initially designed to sell more products, it can be used by charities to reach out to your supporters and to encourage them to move through your supporter journey. Here are some great examples:

Convert a campaigner to a donor

If your nonprofit uses petitions to engage supporters, you'll be constantly building a list of engaged campaigners. Firstly, setup an email automation to these signatories to thank them. Secondly, why not ask them for a donation a few days later. This group may well consider a donation to further help your cause.

Up-sell a one-off donor to a regular giver

When somebody makes a one-off donation on your website as well as an automation to ensure they are thanked, why not send an email 30 days later asking them to become a regular supporter? You might also send the follow up around the end of the month when many people receive their monthly salary.

Event-based automations

If somebody signs up to a challenge event, you'll know their approximate training schedule. Well-timed emails (e.g. just before or just after the event) might prompt the supporter to share the event or to gather donations.

Birthday automations

If you know your supporters' date of birth, an automated email could ask them to setup a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser. This has become a significant revenue stream for some charities.

Further tactics to cultivate supporters

For all of the above automations, with Mailchimp Automation you have the chance to try again if the first email is not opened. If they do not open the first email, try again with a more attention grabbing heading.

Similarly, if they respond to an email by donating or signing up to volunteer, move them into a new email sequence to keep them moving through the journey.

What are you waiting for?

If your email journey isn’t automated, now is the time to start. You'll need to invest some time up front, but that time will be paid back ten-fold in the long run and your supporter experience will be transformed.

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