Make your website do more

Make your website do more

Web applications need not be expensive

To some "application" might seem a scary and expensive prospect. Its true that bespoke software can be very expensive. Mobile application development also often requires high budgets, partly due to the variety of devices we need to cater for. Web applications however, offer a fast and cost-effective route for all sized businesses to develop software.

"The rapid progress of web technologies has let to a point where there is an opportunity for businesses of all sizes to leverage the power of bespoke web applications."

What is a web application?

"A web application is an application program that is stored on a remote server and delivered over the Internet through a browser interface." - Tech Target

The key information here is "delivered through a browser". The ubiquity of web browsers has provided the software development community a means to distribute software to anyone with an internet-ready device in a relatively standardised way. So rather than building native applications for Mac, Winsows, iOS and Android, we are able to create one web application which will run effectively on all of those devices.

In order to demonstrate how your business could leverage the power of web applications, we have put together some examples of web applications we have built at Eyes Down recently.

Example 1 - Devine Voices

Devine Voices asked us to developed a searchable online database of their voiceover artists. We saw an opportunity to expand the website functionality in order to facilitate their back-office processes.

What does it do?

  • Allows the client to schedule bookings for each artist and to see all bookings in a central calendar view.
  • Manages invoices, commission rates, holiday dates, contact details and terms of engagement for each artist.
  • Generates exportable financial reports which feed into management accounts.

Example 2 - DJB Visas

The DJB Visas website started out as a tool to allow people to search an online database of international visa requirements. We saw the opportunity to extend the web application manage the visa applications process - the central activity of the client - and to save a huge volumes of paper-based activity.

What does it do?

  • Manages all client visa applications in a secure searchable database.
  • Sends out automated customer email alerts as their visa application reaches key milestones.
  • Allows customers to apply for visas online.
  • Offers an API to partner organisations so that they can query the customer database directly from their own applications.
  • Offers an API to partner organisations which enables them to create visa applications directly from their own applications.

By moving DJB's paper-based systems online, client records can be searched and amended quickly from anywhere. Couriers can login to the system to record collections and deposits of paperwork and clients are automatically notified. The key benefits for DJB are increased efficiency of back office processes, less time on the phone to clients and reduced margin for user error.

Example 3 - Veterans Aid

With a database of over 10,000 clients, Veterans Aid need fast access to their client data both inside and outside their headquarters. Being dependent on private funding, Veterans Aid also need to generate detailed reports to provide to supporters and the media in order to demonstrate their impact.

Veterans Aid looked at several off-the-shelf CRM tools with which to manage their client data. These tools were either deemed to be too expensive or they did not include a complete set of functionality. Veterans Aid therefore took the bespoke web application route.

What does it do?

  • Manages personal, financial and interaction record for each client in a secure web-based portal.
  • Generates custom reports which allow administrators to interrogate the database with a high degree of detail.
  • Retains a record of team activity so that specific interactions can be tracked by managers.

What could you do with a web application?

At Eyes Down Digital our eyes light up when we find a process which can be simplified through technology.

We are often amazed when we find out how clients have been doing things. So think of the sticky processes in your organisation and how much time they waste. There may well be a way to simplify those processes and we'd love to help you.

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