We've got some good news for membership organisations

We've got some good news for membership organisations

Eyes Down Digital are excited to announce the latest in our series of e-books. This one is designed exclusively for membership organisations planning on building a new website or overhauling their existing one.

Having worked on numerous membership websites in the past we understand the unique and varied challenges these organisations face. After all, what other type of business website might need to bring together subscription management, database integration, event booking, members-only content and even an online shop in one place?

We realised there was a need for a helpful and concise guide to make the website development process easier for membership organisations.

How will the new e-book help me?

Rather than wasting time trawling the internet for information, you will get all the information you need in one handy package. Since Eyes Down have plenty of hands-on experience working on membership sites, you can be sure that the details are accurate and trustworthy.

The free e-book is available for instant download and will cover areas such as:

  • Setting measurable goals for your membership website project
  • Holding stakeholder consultation workshops
  • Writing an effective website brief
  • Choosing the best platform for your new website
  • Finding the ideal website development partner
  • Membership sites and GDPR compliance
  • Tips for maximising membership registrations

We've also put in some case studies just to show what a successful membership website project looks like. These include an international association and a sports club.

Why now could be a good time to upgrade

Recent stats from Stone Temple show that the majority of website visitors now use mobile devices when browsing. It is vital for membership organisations to have a website which can not only be viewed on a smartphone or tablet but will also function as expected.

If your existing website doesn't look or work properly on mobile devices, we suggest you consider an upgrade.

It might also be time for a new website if:

  • You believe you are providing a poor user experience for members and prospective members.
  • Your members see security warnings in the address bar when visiting your website.
  • You want to simplify your processes by integrating different systems (e.g. CRM, payments, ecommerce, social media, etc.)
  • Your website looks out of date, loads slowly or doesn't work properly.
  • Member recruitment is poor and/or existing members are leaving you.

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The Essential Membership Website Handbook

This handbook will help you to find the team and set up the processes to make your membership website a success.

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