5 reasons why your nursery website must be mobile-friendly

5 reasons why your nursery website must be mobile-friendly

The best nursery sites are bright, bold and easy to use with plenty of useful features for staff and parents alike. However, they are not all mobile-friendly.

Even web designers can get caught in the trap of viewing their briefs from a laptop or desktop computer perspective. But if parents or staff who use smartphones and tablets to access websites are not catered for, all of that exciting design work could be for nothing.

This article highlights five key reasons why thinking mobile is always a smart move.

1. Mobile is popular

Adults consume about 66 hours of online content per month via their smartphones according to a 2017 report by ComScore.

An Ofcom study from 2016 revealed that 72% of UK respondents used smartphones, only just behind the proportion of laptop users (78%).

Combine these statistics with the growth and increasing sophistication of messaging apps and it is clear that the use of Smartphones as a general IT hub is now, more clear than ever.

2. Busy parents are mobile

Parents rarely have a minute to themselves and mobile-friendly is increasingly becoming synonymous with parent-friendly as mums and dads juggle everything from children's activities and education to shopping and housework. Some real statistics from an Eyes Down nursery client illustrate this fact.

The screenshot illustrates just how popular mobile access is among nursery website visitors.

Screen resolution

Out of 2,829 sessions, 1,638 or 57.9% were through a mobile phone and 163 (5.76%) were tablet sessions. Had this client not had a mobile-friendly website, two-thirds of their visitors would have had a sub-optimal user experience and may well have decided to click away.

3. User experience affects SEO for nursery websites

If your website visitors are unimpressed with their experience on your website then this will negatively affect your visibility in the search engine results creating a downward spiral of reducing traffic.

Two key statistics that are affected by unhappy web users are 'bounce rate' (the percentage of visitors who leave the page without triggering any other requests) and 'session duration' (the time a visitor spends on the page). These are prominently displayed on the Google Analytics dashboard.

It is widely thought that from these signals, Google calculates a metric known as 'dwell time.' At one point, Google were even offering users who quickly clicked back from a website the option to block all content from that site. A low dwell time signals an unpopular website which is likely to appear lower down in search results pages – if at all.

4. Google want nursery websites to be mobile-friendly

We may be unable to see what is inside the search algorithms but we can make educated guesses. For example, Google has made it very clear in the recent past what they think about the use of mobile devices by actually labelling mobile-friendly sites in search results. They dropped this practice late in 2016 but only to declutter the results.

If you are interested to find out more about how you can make your website attractive to Google, see our SEO for Nurseries article.

5. A mobile-friendly website will improve your brand

As any nursery involved in a tender process will confirm, childcare is as competitive as any commercial industry. Nurseries are also constantly competing for attention from parents and their children. As such, every aspect of branding needs to be given full attention. Consistency is an important part of creating a powerful brand and a website that appears as good on a laptop as it does on a smartphone will strengthen that message.

So is it all worth it?

As Google and other search engines adapting their technology to cater for mobile devices, nursery owners and marketing teams need to insist that their chosen web developers design with mobile in mind from the outset.

As nursery website specialists, with a proven track record for creating engaging, user-friendly designs, Eyes Down can guarantee a site that looks as good and works as well on mobile as it does on the big screen.

Please contact us today for further details on how we can bring your nursery website ideas to fruition.

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