EU smartphone penetration reaches 55%

EU smartphone penetration reaches 55%

Newly published data from Comscore shows that smartphone penetration in Europe was up 13% year on year in October 2012.

Samsung appear to be rapidly closing the gap on Apple's market dominance with a huge 13% gain in market share after doubling its market share from 11.2 percent to 24 percent during the year.

With numbers moving this fast, you clearly need to take note and make sure your web channels are mobile-optimised.

Is your website mobile-ready?

Higher penetration inevitably means more of your customers will browse your website from their smartphone or tablet device. It is therefore crucial that your site not only works, but continues to excel at selling and/or advertising your products on mobile devices.

If you own a smartphone, you'll know how annoying it can be to have to pinch-to-zoom and to scroll both vertically and horizontally on non-optimised websites. As an iPhone owner, I certainly breath a sigh of release whenever I come across a nicely optimised mobile site.

Examples of mobile websites

At Eyes Down we specialise in producing responsive mobile websites. Most of our new clients opt for a mobile version when we build their website. The cost of adding a mobile layer varies depending on the functionality of the website, but generally tends to add about 20% to the overall cost of your website build.

Here are a few of our mobile sites:

If you are looking for a new mobile-optimised website or to update your existing site for mobile devices, please give us a call on 01803 500099 to discuss.

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