Meet the BBC's new corporate font

Meet the BBC's new corporate font

The BBC is rolling out a new font to save money and make their content more legible on screens.

The BBC is rolling out a new font which has been specially commissioned from London font foundry Dalton Maag. The new font family 'Reith' features serif and a sans serif versions and will eventually replace the use of Gill Sans, Arial and Neue Helvetica across the corporation. Watch the video below to learn more >

Why does the Beeb need its own font?

The new font was designed to be more legible on screen than Helvetica, which was originally designed for print. The main driver for the new font however, was cost. The BBC have not said how much money it currently spends on licensing typefaces but said it would be making "substantial savings" as a result of its in-house style.

What does the new font look like?

The new font offers considerably more variety than the corporation's design team are used to. It remains to be seen how the font will look as it is rolled out across the BBC's digital portfolio, but here is a sneak preview of the font...

The new Reith font family

The new Reith font family

An introduction to the font from the BBC's project leader

David Bailey, creative director of GEL (global experience language) and UX&D at the BBC gave a passionate talk about the font design process at Nicer Tuesday's in August.

For more information about GEL and the new Reith font, check out the BBC's GEL website.

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