Eyes Down launch new e-book for the nursery sector

Eyes Down launch new e-book for the nursery sector

We are excited to announce this week's release of our new e-book dedicated to developing and running a nursery website.

Available for instant download, our unique e-book will walk nursery and children's centre managers through designing a state-of-the-art website that looks amazing while saving time and money through streamlining and automating critical business processes.

Who are Eyes Down?

We are the award-winning team behind the creation of the London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) website which won the NMT Website of the Year award in 2016.

Headed by Stuart Palmer, whose CV includes work with the BBC and Film Four, our talented team are at the forefront of the web design industry.

As specialists in the design and development of nursery sector websites, we have packed our e-book with the kind of insider knowledge and sound guidance that would take hours of painstaking research to collect from other sources.

How will the new e-book help me?

The advance of technology has meant that it is now possible for any nursery or children's centre in the country to create a visually engaging website with powerful features such as a parent portal, integrated job listings, appointment calendars and automatic invoice generation.

The new Eyes Down e-book tackles the knowledge gap, empowering nursery managers with all the information they will ever need to put this technology to use. If you dream about owning a website that helps you to fill child places and attract quality employees while making administration easier, saving you and your staff time and money, our e-book is for you.

Why now is a great time for a new website

The New Year is fast approaching and many people will be looking to kick-start a new career, perhaps using their holiday leave time to research their options. The websites with integrated job application processes and an appealing design are in the best position to steal a lead over their competitors and secure the pick of the best staff.

With Google clamping down on insecure websites and continuing to prioritise mobile-friendly sites in their search rankings, a lot of older websites are going to start struggling in 2018 and beyond. By teaching you exactly how to develop a website that ticks all of the boxes in terms of security, mobile-friendly design, functional efficiency and visual appeal, the new Eyes Down e-book is an invaluable best practice guide.

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