Streamline your nursery enrolment enquiry and application process

Streamline your nursery enrolment enquiry and application process

Anything that can save a busy administration team time and money has got to be a good thing.

Our experience in designing and building powerful and attractive websites for the childcare sector has given us an insight into how best to streamline online enrolment and job application processes.

This article explains how an Eyes Down website can reduce your workload and increase interest in your nursery while keeping everything in-house and under control.

Reduce your administration load

Every Eyes Down website will include a customised Content Management System (CMS) designed around the specific needs of your nursery or group. Built for ease of use, this system will streamline data input and editing, freeing up valuable administration time for you and your staff.

By taking away the need for manual diaries, calendars, application forms and job descriptions, you can dramatically cut paperwork and associated expenses.

By reducing some of the stress and hassle of administration, employees will be able to give more time and attention to other important tasks, leaving our automated systems to do the heavy lifting.

Drive up interest in your childcare setting

People are most likely to take action when information is organised well and it is clear what is expected of them. The less searching they have to do for the information they need, the better.

When it comes to recruitment, we can integrate your application system with your 'Why Work With Us?' or similar relevant page, leading prospective employees clearly through the process.

Just this simple step can drive up conversions but by also including a powerful call-to-action at the end of the page you can really maximise the chances of viewers taking the next step and filling in an application form.

Existing Eyes Down clients have found that their integrated applications system has encouraged more applicants.

Automate viewing and interview scheduling

Manually organising job interviews and nursery viewing appointments is a very time-consuming process. Imagining opening up your diary and seeing your interview and viewing appointments neatly laid out with no manual entering necessary.

Eyes Down can build your website to enable automatic scheduling based around the dates you have available. This can free up significant amounts of staff time while creating an impression of organisation and efficiency.

Manage your nursery space allocation

Eyes Down can also make it easy for prospective parents to check your space availability online prior to contacting you, automatically adjusting your inventory when places are filled or released. This can be particularly useful for busy, multi-centre nursery groups where keeping on top of availability can be challenging.

This is not only a beneficial service for customers, it also reduces the number of telephone and email enquiries received when your nursery is at full capacity – another time-saving feature.

Upload application info straight to your database

Further streamlining of the application process can be achieved by automating applicant personal data upload. Rather than trawling through dozens of individual applications and manually entering names, addresses and telephone numbers, Eyes Down can set up your system to automatically upload these details from an online form into your database.

The type of information collected and stored can be customised depending on your specific needs.

Keep everything securely in-house

Some childcare organisations turn to recruiting agencies, job-listing websites or even third-party apps to manage their recruitment and enrolment processes. This is often expensive and involves trusting personal data to third parties.

By hiring Eyes Down to develop a bespoke website with integrated job application and enrolment systems you can keep all processes and data securely in-house.

For an initial chat about how Eyes Down can serve your childcare setting or organisation, please contact us today.

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