The digital world through the lens of a subscription box company

At One Third Stories, we believe that every child should have the chance to fall in love with languages. For us, it’s as simple as reading a story and so we strive to put a second language on every child’s bookshelf every day. Although our Story Boxes are very much "offline" in that they sit on a child's shelf, our service is born from a relationship developed in a digital world. From when you first hear about us on Facebook or Instagram, all the way to exploring our product with an e-version of our Story Box, before finally subscribing to One Third Stories - it’s all done in a digital environment.

Digital is not only a part of our business, it is our business.

This article should give you a small insight into how we use the digital environment to reach more families, create genuine human interactions along the way, and put more of our stories on bookshelves, with each one ready to be picked up and read over and over again by our little linguists.

Cutting through the noise

The digital revolution has allowed us to reach more families than ever before but those connections are getting harder and harder to build. People are inundated with advertising from every corner of the internet and it’s moving into every digital interaction we’re having online. Think about the last time you scrolled through your facebook feed, or sat and watched the stories roll by on Instagram. Every third or fifth piece of content has become advertising.

The sheer amount of advertising that we’re becoming exposed to is starting to blind us into inaction and a loss of interest in modern brands. In order to break out of this cycle, we need to create more genuine connections with families, rather than relying on people to believe the first message or advert they see.

We need to create more genuine connections with families

Creating content that adds value to families instantly may be one way to break that cycle. Giving parents the tools to kickstart their child’s language learning journey, before they’ve subscribed, is the key to starting that conversation and building the trust that is so important in all purchasing decisions. Given that our digital channels are often the first place that people not only discover, but also learn more about our brand, we need to be creating content for a digital audience that matches that of the Story Boxes we send out each month. Creating a consistent brand image, style and quality is a key focus for us going into the second half of 2019.

Everything we do stems from genuine human connection.

People are increasingly relying on different sources before making their ultimate purchase decision. Growing the links between our audiences on all of our platforms will become more and more important. Follow us on Instagram for quick tips and tricks, repin our activities to pinterest, read our digital stories via email and join our growing, supportive network of OTS families in our Facebook Group. Families want to know that the brand they’re putting their trust in to teach their children is genuine, authentic, and effective. The best way to do that is to add immediate value to parents and families across all of our digital channels, no matter where you are or what you’re currently flicking through.

Respect the data but remember your purpose

A lot of the work we do as digital marketers remains behind a screen and away from our customers. One of the challenges of working with so many digital platforms is that you can get blinded by the numbers: constantly trying to scale within CPA, drive a lift in CTR or find an audience with a lower CPM - all of which makes no sense without remembering the families we created our Story Boxes for. We’re trying to constantly recreate a moment that happens in the home, in a digital environment. In order to do this, we need to create a true human connection and never forget the person we’re talking to on the other end of the screen.

From telling a story with our advertising, to providing our families with the best subscription service they can buy, everything we do stems from genuine human connection. If something’s not working for you in a digital environment, the best thing you can do is start having conversations with people: current subscribers, cancelled families and future little linguists. Find the moments that trigger an emotional reaction in your audience and reproduce those moments time after time.

People haven’t changed since the launch of the digital revolution, advertising hasn’t changed since the days of ad-men conjuring up campaigns in their offices, and the reasons people buy haven’t changed. The only thing that has changed is the medium that we use to amplify our message. The digital world shouldn’t change what we do. Rather, it should enable us to do so much more.

At One Third Stories, we will continue to create moments for families and their little linguists. We will still create opportunities for parents to set aside the iPad and pick up a good book with their kids. We will continue to create moments for young children to fall in love with learning a second language. We will continue to start that journey with our digital presence.

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Ollie Haskins

About the author

Ollie Haskins is the Marketing Manager at One Third Stories.

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