Using Tweeplers to get on the pulse of real-time Twitter trends

Using Tweeplers to get on the pulse of real-time Twitter trends

One of Twitter's strengths is its position on the cutting edge of current events. If anything happens anywhere in the world it can be Tweeted around the globe in seconds.

How can businesses best make use of this social media tool? Most business owners and marketers know it's possible to get involved with online trends by using hashtags. The trouble is, it's not always immediately apparent through the native Twitter application which hashtags are both relevant to your business and trending.

That's where third party services come into their own. One such service which is both fascinating to watch in its own right and useful for jumping on to Twitter bandwagons is Tweeplers.

Launched in 2017, Tweeplers provides real-time map and list-based reports of trending hashtags, people and places.

Here is how you can use Tweeplers to boost your social media presence:

Joining the conversation that never stops

One of the most impressive reports on the Tweeplers site is the 'Realtime Hashtag Map.' This is a great way to see what is currently being talked about in the Twittersphere. This feature displays a zoomable world map and overlays it with the most recently Tweeted hashtags (no hashtag is more than a minute old).

The popularity of each hashtag, measured in terms of how many times per 500 hashtags it was Tweeted, is indicated by both size and colour.

For example, clicking on the page on April 11th immediately showed me that the whole world seemed to be talking about National Pet Day. As I watch, hashtags germinate, bloom and then fade away in an ever-changing conversation which never stops.

By clicking on any of the hashtags, you will arrive straight at the 'Latest' tab in the native Twitter app, ready to add your business's voice to the mix.

Movers and shakers

Tweeplers also allows you to see which Twitter users are trending. These are displayed as Twitter avatars on a map of your home country although you can select a different country if you need to.

When a celebrity or politician's face pops up on the map, you can be sure they have just Tweeted a soundbite, enabling you to jump in to that conversation with your own views.

Both trending hashtags and people can also be viewed as a table, ranked in order of popularity.

Finally, you can also look at a list of the top tweeting cities and a heat map of the most active countries. This may not be as immediately useful as the other options (the United States usually dominates the countries) but it can highlight geographically specific trends.

Tweeplers isn't the only Twitter trending website., and perform similar functions, but it must be one of the most visually appealing and immediately useful Twitter trending tool out there.

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