Why you should be using your nursery website to improve your recruitment process

Why you should be using your nursery website to improve your recruitment process

When you are looking to recruit new nursery staff is your first port of call a recruitment agency or a job centre?

Have you considered hosting and managing job vacancies directly on your own website?

There are many benefits to keeping your entire job application process in house by integrating it with your website – something Eyes Down can help you with.

Here are the main plus points in following this route:

Creating your own professional job listings

Hosting your own customised job listings on your website immediately looks professional to anybody considering a career in your industry. By paining your organisation in a positive light, you will attract better talent.

In addition, a candidate accessing a job centre or recruitment agency website will be exposed to a range of vacancies whereas a jobseeker browsing your site will only see your opportunities without being distracted by other offers.

With your own employment listings, you are in complete control of how they are presented and not constrained by the design and layout of an agency's listing board. By cutting out the agency you won't be relying on their staff to pass through communications or applications.

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Enabling online applications

By moving the application process online, you can save considerable costs simply through eliminating paperwork and postage. Printed application packs can be replaced by virtual forms and documents which can be then be returned quickly and securely online for prompt attention.

Although recruitment agencies often manage applications online, job applications received directly through your own website are likely to be processed more quickly and reliably since you are not managing multiple clients.

Providing an insight into what makes your nursery special

Using your own website as a recruitment tool gives you the opportunity to fully describe the culture and working environment of your setting. By painting a picture through your information pages and following this with a strong call to action you can attract the employees that best match your brand of nursery and maximise the number of successful applications that come out of it.

Ability to screen and shortlist in house

The main purpose of a recruitment agency is to match candidates CVs with employers' job descriptions prior to arranging interviews. Although there are plenty of reputable agencies employing competent agents, there is always a risk that unsuitable candidates will be put forward or suitable ones overlooked (or reserved for a competitor).

Nobody knows your business as you do and recruiting through your nursery website gives you more control over the screening and shortlisting process, increasing the chances of a good match.

Social media marketing

Social media is increasingly being used by recruiters in different industries as a way to reach out to prospective staff members, particularly those hiring younger people.

Social media-based recruiting is low-cost, easy to target and, if done well, can go viral. If you are hosting vacancies and job descriptions on your own website it is easy to add social media sharing buttons. This is ideal for those visitors to your job pages who are not interested in the position themselves but know friends who might be interested in working with you.

Avoiding agents' fees

Another big advantage of using your nursery website for recruitment is that you won't have to pay any agency fees. By turning your website into an automated recruitment machine, you can eliminate most of the hard work involved in hiring new staff without resorting to paying a third party.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to work towards fully integrating your recruitment process with your website. With plenty of experience in developing customised websites for nurseries and childcare groups, speak to Eyes Down for help with the nitty gritty.

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