Why you don't need a Facebook page

Why you don't need a Facebook page

Facebook isn't new and its not particularly trendy any more, my mum in her 60s has a profile and she's not uncommon. Don't misunderstand me, Facebook remains a fantastic tool for staying in touch with your old friends and relatives, but as far as defining youth culture goes, it seems to be losing its edge.

In recent years online agencies have thrown the term 'social media' about like some sort of magic silver bullet. A rescue for tired brands, that needs minimal input and yields a great return. Accordingly, many corporates rushed out to harness the power of the internet and created their own Facebook fan pages.

But there's problem here, nobody cares about or even knows about the majority of Facebook fan pages. A local cab firm has a Facebook page. Who in their right mind would go there?

The reason is that despite these easy-to-use marketing tools, people don't really like companies. Who cares if a manufacturing plant has a fan page? I may use their products, but do I like them enough to track down their and 'like' their fan page? Of course not!

When is Facebook relevant?

We're not implying that social media is not without its uses when it comes to digital marketing, but it’s definitely not appropriate to many of the brands and organisations it's been applied to. Social media is about being social and not about producing a random page and getting your employees to like it.

It is possible to engage your target market in a social media setting, it just takes a lot of hard work from people who have a social inclination to begin with. I guess it boils down to the age old adage of content, and it being king.

If you're considering a social media campaign, decide what you'll offer your users before you spend time, money and effort on the campaign. Why should they care about what you’ve got to offer? Why should they want to talk to your brand instead of their friends?

A good social media marketing team will be able to help you find the right direction, but if you’ve got nothing worth talking about – and by that I mean you’ve got to have something more engaging to say than your users' friends – then perhaps you should be thinking about using slightly more traditional digital marketing channels.

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