Content management systems (CMS)

The web allows you to tweak and tailor your communications day by day. We recognise that you will want to update your website without involving us. We also realise that you may not have web editing skills in-house.
Content management systems services

At Eyes Down Digital we build content management systems (CMS) behind all of our websites. This empowers you to update your website in real time, to update products if you are an ecommerce organisation, to post news, or to change or edit any content on your website.

Benefits of a CMS

  • reduce the need to employ web designers - our CMS require only basic computer skills
  • ensure your branding and styles are protected as your staff work on your site
  • remove the need for expensive web editing software - its all done using a standard web browser
  • keep your site up-to-date, exciting and relevant
  • generate new search-optimised web content in house

You can easily schedule pages to appear on your site in the future, and set a date when they will remove themselves, ideal for promotions and special offers. In addition, if you are an ecommerce business, our CMS can manage your customers, orders, purchasing and stock control.

The world is your oyster. Tell us what you do and we’ll make it simpler.

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