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A visually attractive and functional website is critical to the success of nurseries. Trial and error is not an option for the busy nursery or marketing manager. Eyes-Down will take the uncertainty and stress out of your new nursery website and we have an industry award to prove it.

What an Eyes-Down nursery website can do for your business

Having worked closely with owners and nursery managers on a number of nursery website projects we have a clear understanding of many of your specific requirements. All of our websites include:

Attractive visual design

Our websites are designed to appeal to young children (or more accurately, parents of young children). They want to know that their child will have fun, learn and be kept safe. A colourful, stimulating and professional design carries that important message and encourages visitors to remain engaged and want to find out more.

Easy to update

We know there is nothing more frustrating than wanting to change something on your website only to be thwarted by poor design or limited access. All of our nursery websites include a flexible and easy-to-use content management system (CMS) for effortless content planning and day-to-day website management.

Step-by-step guidance

From initial stakeholder meetings to final sign-off, every part of our nursery website design process has been streamlined. We will guide you effortlessly through the concept, design and build process, answering any questions that arise along the way.

Social media integration

As you know, effective communication is at the heart of a successful nursery whether that is for recruiting staff, connecting with parents or updating colleagues. Social media has become the medium of choice for many and Eyes-Down websites are built with full social media integration in mind.

Customised Ofsted tools

To make your job even easier, Eyes-Down nursery websites include specific tools for publishing Ofsted information online, keeping parents, colleagues and stakeholders up to speed on performance.

User-friendly parent portal

A dedicated parent portal is a powerful time and resource saving device. It helps to limit the amount of calls and emails coming into your office and reduces the number of letters you need to send out.

Pain-free online payments

A secure and reliable online payments system will reduce pressure on nursery staff, limit the amount of cash kept onsite and provide a convenient service for time-pressed parents. We only use trusted payment gateways for complete peace of mind.

Examples of our work with Nurseries

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