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We have 25 collective years of experience designing and building websites spanning most industries. We have worked in the charity sector, retail, travel, entertainment, nurseries, government, trade unions, sport, television, law, architecture, the list goes on...
Responsive web design services

Your website could be much more than just a brochure or a shop. Once we understand your business objectives, we will share our insight into the opportunities available on the web. The best websites not only generate revenue but also save cost.

The Eyes-Down approach

Our work practice encompasses a symbiotic mix of disciplines which add up to create beautiful, searchable, usable and accessible websites. We are passionate about web standards, emerging technologies and online best practice. But enough chat, the proof is in the pudding, we invite you to check out our work.

The geeky stuff

In technology terms, we use industry-standard software and programming languages. The sites are built using standards-compliant HTML5 and CSS and most sites sit on an architecture of PHP and MySQL. These are all open-source (and therefore free) and are ubiquitous on the worldwide web. So should you want somebody else to work on your website, it will be very straightforward for them to pick up our work.

Our experience of planning and working on websites with hundreds (and thousands) of pages will enable us to set up a scalable information architecture which will be ready to grow with your organisation.

Our approach to mobile website design

We create one website to reach both desktop and mobile audiences. We design the site for large screen and mobile environments taking into account a natural set of constraints of the latter. The result is a responsive website - a website which scales to fit the screen it is displayed on.

The aim is to achieve a similar look and feel to a native mobile application using standard web technologies such as HTML5 and Javascript. Since the mobile site is generated in the same way as the desktop site, you don’t have to worry about maintaining two sets of content.

See for yourself

Why not have a look at some of the mobile optimised websites we have built for our clients.

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