Search engine optimisation (SEO)

The web is enormously competitive with companies like yours vying for the top spot on Google. Our philosophy of how to get you there is to build a website which benefits the user. If you've read our sections on usability and accessibility, you'll know that we already do that.
Search engine optimisation services

Unlike some web design companies, we will not make rash short-term promises. That is because we use ethical “white hat” search techniques which improve your natural search listings steadily and sustainably over the medium-long term. The key techniques we use are information architecture, code quality, content creation and link building.

Information architecture

We will organise your web content in an intuitive, hierarchical structure. This not only makes it easy for search engines to find what they are looking for, but it will enable your users to get what they want.

Code quality

We write lean, readable code which closely follows Google’s guidelines for webmasters. In fact our code is so clever that we find it rather beautiful. And the evidence suggests that Google agrees.

Content creation

The presence of unique relevant content on your website should be central to your SEO strategy. We can help you to identify the search traffic which you can successfully compete for and to produce keyword rich content accordingly.

Whether you want us to do the writing ourselves, or simply to brief and mentor members of your team, we will ensure that your site has plenty for Google to get its teeth into. Good content will also form your link-bait and will attract free inbound links.

Link building

It is widely acknowleged that Google places a great deal of importance on the number and quality of third party websites linking to your own site. Eyes-Down can help build your link equity by establishing inbound links from websites with strong page rank.

SEO takes time and should be considered an investment for the medium-log term. Work done today might not give you true benefit for several months, so we recommend you get started soon. If you need quick results, we can support your natural search traffic with paid search.

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