About Eyes Down

Founded in 2001, Eyes Down is a digital agency working primarily in the charity, membership organisation and subscription sectors.

We place a strong emphasis on project planning and our tried-and-tested stakeholder consultation process ensures that we build websites which address the need of all audiences with measurable success metrics.

We get a buzz from simplifying things for our customers, whether that is saving time with a clever tech solution, helping teams engage with their customers or supporters or simply providing clear jargon-free advice.

We have been around long enough to know the importance of planning technology to ensure it is robust and secure. By future-proofing our technology, we protect our customers' investment. We also use open-source tools so that our customers can work with other providers if they prefer. They generally don't!

Meet the team

Stuart Palmer - Managing Director

Stuart Palmer

Founder of Eyes Down, Stuart has been designing websites since 1999. Initially trained in graphic design, Stuart fell in love with interactivity and set his mind to the web. Since then Stuart has worked for organisations such as the BBC, Film Four and easyCar. Stuart loves helping teams solve their unique issues through the creative use of technology. Stuart also loves swimming in cold places and shivering a lot.

Alex Cavalli - Account Manager

Alex Cavalli

Alex is PhD, MBA graduate with a broad range of experience in business development including non-profit and charitable organisations. A random collector of activities and hobbies, when she is not working you could find her doing anything from playing the flute, creating gastronomic feasts, or curling up on the sofa with a good book pretending to read when she's really sleeping!

Megan Craw - Account Manager

Megan Craw

Megan has a background in account management and marketing in the property and digital sectors. Megan is a key point of contact for our customers and ensures their projects stay on track. She also oversees our own communications. Megan's gin shelf is considerably longer than your arm.

Nimantha Perera - Senior Developer

Nimantha Perera

As well as degrees in Physical Science and IT, Nimantha is curently completing a masters in Artificial Intelligence. Nimantha excels in PHP and is well versed with Wordpress, Drupal, Codeigniter and other PHP frameworks. Nimantha also develops Angular JS and is always looking to learn new technologies.

Hasitha Perera - Developer

Hasitha Perera

Hasitha is a full-stack developer with a solid background in WordPress, Laravel and CodeIgniter as well as a broad range of front-end technologies. Hasitha is currently studying for a degree in Software Engineering. Unfortunately the degree is getting in the way of his other passion - cricket. When not on the field or in the studio, Hasitha loves a good box set.

Susan Rentoul - Graphic Designer

Susan Rentoul

Sue has worked on design and branding projects for many household names and can skillfully turn briefs into exciting visual messages. Sue creates striking user interfaces and specialises in designing or refining brands. Ever wise, Sue was probably taming Macs while you were eating school dinners. Sue also loves swimming in cold places and shivering a lot and can be found daily at Tooting Bec Lido.

Jon Mifsud - Associate Developer

Jon Mifsud

Jon is an experienced and creative web developer and front end user interface designer. Specialising in Symphony and Laravel development, Jon has a background in forex exchange websites from which he gained experience of working with huge data sets. This knowledge greatly helps us when designing and building large scalable web applications.

Dr Paul Dixon - Systems Administration

Dr Paul Dixon

Paul specialises in rapid prototyping and proof of concepts – converting ideas into solutions using open source software. Paul is a former particle physicist and solutions architect and has developed software for Stanford University. His recent focus has been on delivering cloud computing infrastructure and services and working on content management sytems for the Open University. If it's too difficult for anyone else, Paul's our man.

Neil Hocking - Copywriter

Neil Hocking

As a creative copywriter, Neil loves a good story. Neil's wealth of experience in creative agencies has given him a great understanding of SEO content creation and through his daily work Neil combines his passion for storytelling with the art of getting results. Neil is a keen runner and when away from the keyboard, he is probably racing himself on Strava.

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