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Ferne Animal Sanctuary was formed at the start of the Second World War by the late Nina, Duchess of Hamilton & Brandon. Since then, the charity has been rehoming animals within a 40 mile radius of their farm in the Blackdown Hills, Somerset.

Eyes Down were enlisted to create a beautiful and multi-functional website which was in keeping with their established brand.

What does it feature?

  • Beautiful illustrations and photography
  • Tight brand integration
  • The power and flexibility of WordPress
  • Bespoke theme
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Simple donations button
  • Ecommerce integration

Beautiful illustrations and photography

To ensure the new Ferne Animal Sanctuary website would stand out from other charities and attracted interest from potential donors, our talented designers created some beautiful illustrations. We combined these with high quality photography and stylish design for a stand-out aesthetic.

Tight brand integration

As with all charities, Ferne Animal Sanctuary neec to compete with other deserving causes for donations from supporters. They rely on an established brand identity to achieve this and have produced a document detailing the treatment of their brand assets.

We ensured everything from the colour palette, logo representation and typography faithfully reflected those important brand guidelines. We also locked down various styles in the underlying code so that Ferne can experiment with media layouts without risking their brand integrity.

The power and flexibility of WordPress

WordPress is a popular open source website development platform and content management system (CMS) used by the majority of websites on the internet.

For this project, we decided that WordPress was the most suitable platform to use. Ferne Animal Sanctuary can benefit from its intuitive CMS without the limitations of being locked in to a specific vendor.

Bespoke theme

Themes determine the appearance and function of a WordPress website. Eyes Down created a bespoke WordPress theme to create a unique website that included all of the features Ferne Animal Sanctuary requested.

Drag and drop editor

Eyes Down integrated a drag and drop editor to make it simple for Ferne Animal Sanctuary staff to play with uploading and arranging media from mixed sources. All visual styles have been hard-coded to avoid any conflict with the charity's brand guidelines.

Simple donations button

Ferne Animal Sanctuary are dependent upon donations to enable them to carry on with their amazing work for animals in need.

We have added a fixed 'Donate to ferne' button which appears prominently on every webpage. That way, donors are only ever one click away from pledging their support.

Ecommerce integration

Another source of income for Ferne Animal Sanctuary is their online shop. Eyes Down integrated a secure and well-organised ecommerce function to the new website, enabling visitors to shop easily and with confidence.

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