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"Eyes Down have been key in getting our app up and running. They are quick to get back on any queries and we always value their opinions and hard work."Anginette Hurtado, National Account Manager (UCA) at Universal Pictures

UCA is an alliance between some of the top movie studios in the UK including Universal Pictures and Sony Pictures. With a distribution network of around 7,000 retail outlets, co-ordinating and monitoring DVD, Blu-Ray and CD retail activities is a challenge.

To provide an effective solution, Eyes Down Digital created Shop Star, a powerful iOS and Android app for retailers. Shop Star syncs data from several UCA database applications to create a real time point of access for retailers, no matter where they are based.

Key features

  • Access to info on new releases
  • Point of sale advice and examples
  • Pre-release and zero sales notification
  • Return tracking and authorisation
  • FAQs and help section
  • Push notifications
  • In-app messaging service

Access to info on new releases

UCA is an alliance between four leading UK movie studios which means there is a constant stream of new movie releases hitting the shelves. Shop Star ensures that UCA retailers can access vital information on the latest releases in real-time.

Point of sale advice and examples

The days where store reps could visit every retail outlet and adjust point-of-sale displays are behind us. To ensure cardboard fixtures are set up accurately and looking great, Shop Star enables UCA to post advice and images on the app. Retailers can even win monthly prizes for the best displays.

Pre-release and zero sales notification

Retailers and the studios lose sales through releasing titles too early or failing to display them during the release period. Shop Star alerts retailers of both of these errors. Pre-release sale notifications warns them about titles released ahead of schedule while zero sales notifications suggest that a title hasn't been put on sale during the correct period.

Return tracking and authorisation

Shop Star provides retailers with status reports on returned products. It can also provide authorisation numbers for active returns.

FAQs and help section

Retailers can access the answers to common questions or seek more detailed help from the UCA team.

Push notifications

Shop Star push notifications are ideal for communicating urgent messages to UCA retailers. Notifications can be sent to all stores, to specific stores or to every store operated by a certain retailer.

In-app messaging service

Retailers can communicate directly with UCA via a convenient in-app messaging service.

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Eyes Down were brilliant to work with. They found solutions for any challenges and were committed to getting our project completed on time and within budget. I would recommend working with them on any project.

Anginette Hurtado, National Account Manager (UCA) at Universal Pictures
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