Veterans Aid become our 2018 Charity Of The Year

Veterans Aid become our 2018 Charity Of The Year

We are very pleased to announce that Eyes Down will be supporting Veterans Aid as their 2018 Charity Of The Year.

Why Veterans Aid?

Veterans Aid is a UK charity providing support to ex-servicemen and women. The charity's core business is averting and/or addressing crisis, particularly where it threatens to lead to homelessness.

How Eyes Down will be helping

The focus of our work for Veterans Aid will be measuring their social impact and comparing their expenditure to the Net exchequer benefit - the effect their work has had on government expenditure.

In 2015 Eyes Down built a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) for Veterans Aid. The CRM contains complete records of expenditure and activity for the charity and provides a data-rich history of Veterans Aid's activity.

In the coming months we will be conducting a statistical analysis of the data and comparing it to data generated by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Eyes Down will be carrying out two weeks of pro-bono analysis on this project.

CEO of Veterans Aid Dr Hugh Milroy OBE said:

Dr Hugh Milroy“We were delighted by Eyes Down’s nomination. The company has provided outstanding support for this charity, well beyond the normal demands of a digital agency. As an organisation with a light footprint committed to immediate interventions, Veterans Aid relies more than most on digital media and creative solutions. When we decided to commission a bespoke database Eyes Down was the obvious choice. Over the years we have worked together on this project we have developed a mutual respect for one another’s professional and ethical standards and it is an honour to be chosen as Eyes Down’s Charity of the Year.” Dr Hugh Milroy OBE - CEO, Veterans Aid

Eyes Down Director Stuart Palmer said:

Stuart Palmer“We are thrilled to be supporting Veterans Aid and hope that our work will help them communicate their impact in grant proposal and fundraising activities.

We have been watching the fantastic work of Veterans Aid for a number of years and are pleased to have the opportunity to work on such an important project. The analysis project will demonstrate our technical expertise with large data sets and will be a fascinating opportunity to work with public sector research statistics."Stuart Palmer - Director, Eyes Down

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