Intranets & extranets

A well-designed intranet will help your business to share information and tools between staff members, improve employee collaboration and speed up workflows. An extranet takes a subset of your intranet and makes it available to authorised partners (suppliers, vendors and sometimes customers).
Intranets & extranets services

At Eyes Down we love building intranet and extranet tools to simplify your business processes, save time and money and to improve customer engagement.

How would an intranet/extranet benefit your business?

Intranets have expanded beyond the one-way information service common with early examples. Today’s intranet can be a business hub, bringing in-house and remote staff together through one intuitive system.

Eyes Down will design an intranet based on your particular organisational requirements, but here are some examples of what your intranet could deliver:

Integrated calendars and staff directory

Easily track down staff from any department using a searchable employee directory. Add a shared calendar system to make it simple to allocate staff to projects or set up meetings or a web conference.

Streamlined collaboration

Sending documents by email is slow, cumbersome and can be chaotic. In contrast, smart document sharing over an intranet makes it quick and easy to send and work with files. Incorporating version control ensures changes can be easily audited.

An information centre

Expanding on the traditional role of an intranet as a company-wide information resource, you can create an extensive knowledge base for efficient on-boarding, training and troubleshooting.

Joined-up business systems

Intranets can be easily integrated with existing business systems including your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software or HR system.

In addition, an extranet can deliver:

Shared resources

Protect your business-sensitive data while providing a safe set of resources (product catalogues, installation guides, customised business reports, etc.) to authorised partners.

Cross-company collaboration

Invite external partners to a shared project without handing over information to a third-party app like Skype® or Slack.

Enhanced document sharing

Send large documents, including graphics and videos, quickly and securely.

Creating shared applications

For companies providing services for other businesses, an extranet gives you the control you need to create bespoke applications in a secure environment.

Tell us what you need?

The above is just a small selection of the features and functions an intranet or extranet could provide for your business. Contact Eyes Down for an initial conversation about your specific requirements.

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