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Hertfordshire Independent Living Service

Website design, build and consultancy for the UK's largest meals on wheels provider

"We gave Eyes Down an incredibly tight timescale which they not only met, but delivered with a fantastic end product...." read more >Oliver Monaghan-Coombs, Project Manager, HILS

Hertfordshire Independent Living Service (HILS) asked Eyes Down to plan and execute a redesign of their website including an internal stakeholder consultation and a photography sub-project.

The process

  • Stakeholder workshop
  • Site mapping
  • Wire-framing
  • Graphic design
  • Photography
  • Website development
  • Review and release

Stakeholder workshop

Eyes Down went to HILS to facilitate a stakeholder consultation workshop. Over the course of the day we identified key user groups and split into groups to determine each user group's requirements from the website. The outputs of the workshop were recommended sitemaps and wireframes and the most common user journeys for each user group.

Workshop output example: wireframe →
Workshop output example: sitemap →

Site mapping

Following the workshop, Eyes Down created a single sitemap which combined the ideas of each user group. In order to validate our sitemap, we took the key user journeys and tested each of them against the sitemap. This approach ensures that all key user journeys are accounted for when planning the content structure of the site.

HILS final sitemap →


Following the workshop, Eyes Down created wireframes for each of the key website pages. Wire-framing helps to ensure that our clients know what to expect from our designers and that our designers know the nature and prominence of content on each page.

HILS homepage wireframe →


Eyes Down worked with HILS to define a photographic brief which included content guidelines, stylistic themes and a set of dimensions which would ensure the photos translated well to the web. The detailed brief enabled HILS to choose and commission a photographer for a very successful shoot. The resulting image set will be used on future printed materials as well as on the new website.

Graphic design

At the graphic design stage we collated all recent examples of HILS visual communications and developed a set of design styles which are consistent with the brand and which work well on screen.

When coupled with the photography of HILS's charismatic clients and team, there result was a bright clean graphic design which was well liked by all stakeholder groups.

Website development

When scoping the project it became apparent that the website functionality might be extended in future phases to integrate with the client's meal provider and their existing delivery scheduling software.

In order to future proof the website, we built the website using Symphony CMS, a flexible open-source website development framework which not only integrates well with third party systems (APIs) but also creates simple, easy to use content management systems. Symphony CMS enabled us to customise the CMS extensively to provide an intuitive flexible user experience.

Review and release

As with all of our websites, we carried out a thorough release process including:

  • Thorough cross-browser testing to ensure that the website displays well on all browsers and devices.
  • Addition of Google Analytics to track all site traffic and form submissions.
  • Submission of a sitemap to Google Search Console.
  • URL rewrites to ensure that pages on the old site are redirected to the new equivalents.
  • Setup and provision of secure web hosting served over HTTPS.

View the site →

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We gave Eyes Down an incredibly tight timescale which they not only met, but delivered with a fantastic end product.

Throughout the project, we were continually impressed with Eyes Down’s dedication to meeting our targets, and in the quality of the work they were delivering. Two main skills stood out for me:

Firstly, Stuart is clearly a very talented web developer - however he has an enormous talent in explaining technical concepts and difficulties in a way the layperson was able to understand. He made it very clear to us the options available and would recommend a way forward on the basis of his judgement.

Secondly, we often had vague ideas or see other websites and would want to replicate the functionality/look on our site. Stuart was able to take these vague ideas and translate them into something much more tangible. Where this additional functionality was out of the original scope of the project, Stuart was very upfront and fair about the additional costs involved. We now have a clear road map of future development of the website.

Delivering the project in such a short timescale was challenging, and but I am sure that it would have been impossible had we gone with an alternative agency.

I will certainly be recommending Eyes Down to other organisations looking for web development work, and will be looking to work with them on other projects in the future.

Oliver Monaghan-Coombs, Project Manager, HILS
  • Hertfordshire Independent Living Service
  • Hertfordshire Independent Living Service
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