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Wordpress website for Kent-based care charities

Kent Carers Matter is a consortium of five Kent-based care organisations: CarersFIRST; Carers' Support Ashford, Shepway & Swale; Carers' Support Canterbury, Dover & Thanet; Crossroads Care Kent and Involve Kent.

KCM aim to raise the profile of caring in Kent, increase access rates to carers' services, help healthcare professionals identify and refer carers earlier and help carers to engage with local and national issues that concern them.

KCM wanted Eyes Down to create a website which could facilitate their aim of providing the central portal through which carers and partner organisations could come together.

What does it feature?

  • Branded 'drag and drop' editor
  • Google click tracking
  • Intuitive map navigation
  • Contemporary design
  • Social media integration
  • Bespoke infographic
  • Hosting and update management

Branded 'drag and drop' editor

By integrating a drag and drop editor and designing the organisation's branding into the CMS, Eyes Down have made it easy for KCM administrators to add content and edit information without worrying about branding.

Google click tracking

KCM link to various care organisations through their new website. To help them prove their value as a central hub, Eyes Down have activated Google link tracking. Whenever a visitor accesses a third party website via a link from the KCM site, that click will be recorded for later analysis.

Intuitive map navigation

In addition to standard buttons and text links, visitors can click through to a specific area of Kent via an interactive county map. The map uses the KCM brand colours, helping to raise awareness of the brand at the same time as providing a handy navigation aid.

Contemporary design

The website uses a scrolling design with a subtle parallax effect giving it a fresh, contemporary feel. This is accentuated by the bright, colourful branding.

Social media integration

Social media plays an important role for organisations like KCM who can spread their message far and wide at no cost. The KCM website is integrated with their social media platforms to make sharing their good work that bit easier.

Bespoke infographic

Infographics are a popular way to display information in a concise, readable way and can be easily shared with news outlets and social media influencers. Eyes Down have created an eye-catching carers' infographic in the KCM colours to help boost brand awareness.

Hosting and update management

As part of our WordPress hosting service, Eyes Down manage all WordPress updates including vital security patches. This gives KCM the peace of mind to add and edit content without worrying about whether their website is secure.

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