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Fundraising microsite for global women's rights organisation

"Using the pages built by Eyes Down, we have reduced landing page drop-off by a whopping 83%!..." read more >Hannah Little, Fundraising & Marketing Manager

With ambitious plans to integrate and automate CRM and email marketing, Womankind need a flexible digital solution to engage new supporters and to move them through the supporter journey. Eyes Down developed a solution which:

  • Allows the Womankind team to setup donation landing pages with granular control over, donation amounts and donation campaigns.
  • Enables Womankind to build petition pages which move signatories into an automated supporter funnel.
  • Uses email automation to ensure that signatories are encouraged to donate and that one-off donors are encouraged to give monthly.
  • Facilitates tracking of individual campaign activity from a variety of channels.
  • Works with their existing email and CRM platforms so that on-going marketing can be segmented based on campaign and activity.

With the campaign microsite launched, Eyes Down are working with Womankind to redesign their main website. Look out for this project in 2020.

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Tags: charity web design

We were delighted to work with Eyes Down to build landing pages for a recent online lead-generation campaign. Personally, this was my first time building a site from scratch with a web developer but Stuart and the Eyes Down team made the whole process really straightforward, collaborative and enjoyable! Stuart has been a fantastic support before, during and after the build and has been open and flexible to making changes while we were testing the site.

We could not be happier with the final product. Since the campaign has gone live, we have seen fantastic results - no doubt thanks to the stylish look-and-feel of the landing pages. Using the pages built by Eyes Down, we have reduced landing page drop-off by a whopping 83%!

Hannah Little, Fundraising & Marketing Manager
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