How Eyes Down helped Veterans Aid to demonstrate their impact to society

How Eyes Down helped Veterans Aid to demonstrate their impact to society

Each year, we choose a small or medium-sized charity to support as our Charity of the Year. In 2018, we gave the award to Veterans Aid, a charity dedicated to supporting ex-servicemen and women. Their main mission to avert crises, particularly those that lead to homelessness.

How we helped Veterans Aid

Charities such as Veterans Aid rely on robust data to prove their work provides tangible benefits, not just to the people they help but to society in general.

Veterans Aid approached Pro Bono Economics (PBE) to help evidence their impact. PBE match volunteer economists with charities to produce financial reports.

Although the existing CRM system we had set up for Veterans Aid in 2015 had enabled the charity to accurately record all of their expenditure and activity, the raw data needed refining to be of use in the PBE report.

As part of our Charity of the Year support, we donated 50 hours of developer time to build a customised database for this purpose.

"(Eyes Down have) provided outstanding support for this charity, well beyond the normal demands of a digital agency... When we decided to commission a bespoke database, Eyes Down was the obvious choice. Over the years we have worked together on this project we have developed a mutual respect for one another’s professional and ethical standards.”

Dr Hugh Milroy OBE, CEO, Veterans Aid

Specifically, we:

  • Identified the metrics that would be needed for the report
  • Built new database functionality to record client follow-up data
  • Created a mechanism to ensure clients would be followed up regularly in the future
  • Built a reporting system to generate the raw data for the PBE report (and similar reports in the future)

The quality of the data was commended by PBE and helped Veterans Aid to back up their crucial work with hard figures. According to the report, Veterans Aid support amounted to an estimated £965,000 to the economy, mainly due to increased employment but also through reduced homelessness.

The Eyes Down 2019 Charity of the Year award

This year we will be supporting Womankind which our team unanimously chose as our 2019 Charity of the Year. Please visit the linked article to see how we plan to help.

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